jQuery-Plugin with D3.js: Time Range Wheel Slider (Circular Knob Slider)

This circular range slider provides a 24 hours time range select functionality. The step width is set per default to 5 minutes.

Minimal html configuration

<div class="graph-left"></div>
<div id="knobcontainer"></div>
<div class="graph-right"></div>
<div class="graph-center"></div>

jQuery initialization and customization

This plugin requires jQuery (>= 1.8.x) and D3.js (>= v5.4.0)
Font Awesome (4.4.x) is used for the handles inner icon symbols.

	indicatorWidth: 12,
	handleRadius: 15,
	handleStrokeWidth: 1,
	accentColor: '#fed766',
	handleIconColor: "#8a9097",
	handleStrokeColor: "#8a9097",
	handleFillColorStart: "#374149",
	handleFillColorEnd: "#374149",
	tickColor: "#8a9097",
	indicatorBackgroundColor: "#8a9097",
	data: {"start":"19:10", "end":"02:00"},
	onChange: function (timeObj) {
		$(".graph-left").html("Start: "+timeObj.start);
		$(".graph-right").html("End: "+timeObj.end);
		$(".graph-center").html("Duration: "+timeObj.duration);


Parameter Description
indicatorWidth width of the indicator circle segment in pixel
handleRadius radius of the handles in pixel
handleStrokeWidth stroke width of the handle ring in pixel
accentColor color of the indicator circle segment
handleIconColor font color of the handles icons
handleStrokeColor stroke color of the handle ring
handleFillColorStart color of the start handles inner circle
handleFillColorEnd color of the end handles inner circle
tickColor color of the clock ticks
indicatorBackgroundColor color of the indicator circle segment striped background
data the initial data object
needs start and end parameter


Parameter Description
onChange call back function for the selected time values
returns an object with start, end and duration parameters (formated as time string in 24 hour format)


Plugin minified version
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